One focus of our company is planning and industrial plant construction. Our dearsenizing plants are used very successfully in India, for example. In many areas, drinking water is poisoned by naturally occurring arsenic. A specially developed adsorbent material removes the arsenic without affecting the further water chemistry. In Germany, too, our dearsenizing systems are now used in many waterworks. Even in the beverage industry you will find filtration systems from us.

With our innovative concepts, we have also made a name for ourselves in ultrapure water treatment. For several years, we have been planning and building ultrapure water systems for various large solar cell manufacturers. Even in medical technology, reverse osmosis systems are in operation by us. For example, we manufacture reverse osmosis systems for the operation of dialysis stations.

However, state-of-the-art technologies should not only be reserved for industry.
That's why ROWA exists. With the sister company ROWA Aquaristik GmbH you will receive our know-how from the industrial sector for the household, hobby, water art, zoo, small business, etc.
Pure water from experience: From our many years of experience, we know the conditions and needs exactly. That is why we have developed extremely flexible, user-friendly and safe products. Trust us!

Reference lists for download:

Planning Reference List (PDF, 2 pages) call here
Reference list of pure and ultrapure water (PDF, 2 pages) call here
Reference list of wastewater (PDF, 1 page): call here