Purest water Systems

Ultrapure water is specially treated water that contains almost no foreign substances. In order to produce ultrapure water, the process of reverse osmosis is usually combined with another process:

  • Reverse osmosis + VE system (cation and anion exchangers)
  • Reverse osmosis + mixed bed filter
  • Reverse osmosis + electrodeionization


(Cation & Anion Exchangers)

The demineralized water (demineralized water) plants consist of ion exchange plants, with cation and anion exchangers being connected in series. In this way, the water is largely desalinated.

Mixed-bed filters

Mixed-bed filters consist of filter containers filled with a mixed bed resin (= cation exchange resin + anion exchange resin). As a rule, cations are exchanged for H + ions and anions for OH ions and the water is desalinated as far as possible.

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Electrical deionization Systems

Electrodeionization (EDI) is an electrochemical process that combines the two methods of electrodialysis and ion exchange. With this method, the most extensive removal of ions and ionizable substances from water is possible. 

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