Systems with high retention

The reverse osmosis systems of the HR type (HR = high rejection = high retention) correspond to the previously described reverse osmosis systems of the LE type, with the difference that other membranes are used. By using special membranes with high retention, the desalination rate can be increased from about 97.0% to about 98.5%.

Depending on the service, application, or location of the customer, various versions are offered:

  • as an independent frame system with standing modules (75-1,200 l/h) or lying modules (1,500-9,000 l/h).
  • as a small frame stand system (1,500-4,000 l/h with standing modules).
  • in the glass-doored control cabinet (600–2,000 l/h).

The reverse osmosis systems are equipped as standard with:

  • Special prefilter
  • High-pressure stainless steel pump
  • High-performance winding modules with high retention
  • Float flowmeters for permeate and concentrate
  • Pressure gauges for inlet pressure, pump pressure, operating pressure, and concentrate pressure
  • Conductivity measurement in the permeate
  • Automatic flushing solenoid valve

For convenient control and automation, a small PLC with a display is available for the smaller sizes, or a PLC control with a 4.3“ touch panel is available for the larger systems. The controller is equipped with extensive functions such as:

  • Automatic start/stop via level sensors
  • Automatic flushing (with timer if system is shut down)
  • Conductivity monitoring in the permeate
  • Pump that can be adjusted for dry running protection

Among other things, the following functions can be optionally selected:

  • Hardness control in the inlet
  • Concentrate deficiency monitoring
  • Permeate rejection or recycling
  • Electronic flow and pressure measurement
  • Anticalant dosing