Pressure boosting Systems

Ready-to-connect double booster system

The pressure boosting systems are used to increase the mains pressure to a constant pressure, e.g. in front of a softening or other water treatment plant. By adjusting the frequency of the standard built-in frequency converter, the pressure boosting systems keep the selected operating pressure constant - even with changing flow requirements. The FU operation is energy-saving, quiet and particularly gentle on the system due to soft start-up.

Single pressure increase

The ready-to-connect single pressure boosting system consists of a multi-stage, self-priming horizontal centrifugal pump, which switches on and off as a function of pressure when the consumer is closed.

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Double pressure increase

The ready-to-connect double booster system consists of two multi-stage, self-priming horizontal centrifugal pumps made of stainless steel. The integrated controller includes two FUs and switches on the pump depending on the pressure, if necessary, the second pump switches on and off when the consumer is closed.

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