Pilot Plants for Water Treatment

Inventory and Measurement Campaigns

At the beginning of every planning of a water treatment system is the inventory:

  • What is the quality of the raw water?
  • What is the required volume flow?
  • Are there any pollutants that need to be removed?
  • What quality requirements must the purified water meet?

These and many other questions are the basis for the selection of suitable treatment methods and the design of the water treatment system.

With our pilot plants for water treatment and for the treatment of wastewater, we offer pilot tests, including measurement campaigns for testing for organic components, inorganic pollutants, and microbial impurities. We can measure many of the typical test parameters, such as conductivity, pH value, and temperature directly on site. For more complex parameters such as chemical oxygen demand (COD) or biological oxygen demand after 5 days (BOD5), samples are taken and analyzed in the laboratory. We have accredited laboratories to carry out studies on microbial properties such as colony-forming units (CFU) or the concentration of coliform bacteria. In this way, we can compile comprehensive information about the water to be treated.

The pilot tests are usually carried out at the customer's site and supervised by one of our service technicians. The results provide important information for the design of large-scale plants.

In a detailed report, we will explain the results to you by video conference or at your location and compare the advantages and disadvantages of suitable procedures.

In this way, you will receive an objective basis for decision-making with information on investment costs (Capex) and operating costs (Opex), which allows you to choose the optimal procedure for your requirements.

Reverse Osmosis System

If you are interested in a pilot test, a measurement campaign to examine your raw water or an initial telephone consultation, please contact Mr. Münz. We are also happy to arrange an on-site appointment to inspect your facilities.