Wastewater Treatment/Industrial Wastewater

Meeting minimum requirements is simply not enough for us. We see it as a special challenge to do more than the legislator requires: for our customers, because we want to help them reduce costs. And for our environment, because we owe it to her.
When it comes to reusing both the wastewater and its ingredients, we are enthusiastic about it.

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Customer groups / Users:

  • Municipalities and local communities
  • Supply and disposal companies
  • Industry




The process techniques are as versatile in detoxification as the poisons that occur. Process engineering example of a   chromate reduction:

  • Addition of a reducing agent
  • pH Value Adjustment
  • Addition of flocculant
  • Silt separation and dewatering


The neutralization is a setting of the pH value. It is important to consider the selection of the right acids or alkalis from technical, economic and environmentally friendly aspects and the design of a reliable control system.
Environmentally friendly neutralization of bases by means of CO2.


Heavy Metal Reduction

In the case of heavy metal removal, the process concept depends on the heavy metal to be removed.

  • Adsorption on iron hydroxide
  • Precipitation/flocculation process

Application example: Antimony removal from acidic wastewater of a battery recycling plant.

  • Precipitation/flocculation process
  • Membrane processes

Water Recycling

Nowadays, wastewater flows are generated in almost all production processes. In a first stage, it is usually ensured that introduction parameters are complied with.
However, wastewater treatment is given a completely different weighting if the water is not only allowed to be discharged, but is treated to such an extent that it can be returned to its own production process. 
This saves wastewater and fresh water costs.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery is worthwhile wherever warm or hot wastewater streams leave the process. Here, other process flows can be usefully heated via heat exchanger systems and energy costs can be saved.