Elektrodeionization (EDI)

WEIL Process - Electrodeionization for Further Desalination of Water

Electrodeionization (EDI) is an electrochemical process that combines the two processes of electrodialysis and ion exchange. This process allows for the extensive removal of ions and ionizable substances from water.

It uses semipermeable membranes and electrical voltage in cells with anion and cation-exchange resin. These cells are surrounded by anodes and cathodes. The method removes ions from water by flowing it through the cells and driving the ions through membranes. At the same time, it splits water into H+ and OH- ions to regenerate the resins without using chemicals. EDI is often used after reverse osmosis.

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Water analysis

Whether it is softening, reverse osmosis, or adsorption on activated carbon - whichever method it is, a detailed analysis of the raw or wastewater is the basis of the further planning.

Reverse Osmosis System

Pilot test

A pilot test serves as the basis for the selection of the method and the dimensioning of the cleaning system. Weil Wasserbehandlung GmbH offers pilot tests, including measurement campaigns, at your site.

Evaluation and reporting

The results of the preliminary tests provide an objective basis for the decision on the optimal design of the water treatment.

We manufacture softening systems with individual valve control on an individual basis and according to your specifications

Water treatment plant

After a successful consultation, you will receive a made-to-measure offer for a water treatment system suitable for your requirements.

Delivery, installation and commissioning

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Maintenance and repair service

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