In sedimentation plants, water constituents are separated by settling. The sedimentation is based on the fact that the dispersed water ingredient has a greater density than the water and sinks under the influence of the gravitational force. If the water constituents are present in colloidal or finely suspended form, flocculants are generally added in order to improve sedimentation and to shorten the residence time of the water in the settling plant. Otherwise, uneconomically long residence times and large sedimentation plants (volumes) would be required.

The settling tanks can be made angular or round and can be flowed through horizontally or vertically. In addition, the installation of parallel plates, slats, tubes or corrugated plates is possible. These are set obliquely at an angle of approx. 60° built-in. Due to gravity, the flakes first sink onto the internals and then slide down there. The residence times can thus be significantly shortened with the same efficiency.
  • Removal of removable substances



Principle of operation of a settling tank

Settling tanks with scraper without flocculation