Effective filter material for mineral water and drinking water

RowaSorb - Effective filter material for mineral water and drinking water

ROWAsorb for removal ...

  • Arsenic and antimony
  • of heavy metals
  • of dissolved organic substances

What is ROWAsorb?

ROWAsorb is an iron oxide that consists of iron oxide hydrate (FeOOH) and water. It is made from substances of high purity. Iron oxide is included in the ”List of processing substances and disinfection procedures according to §11 Drinking Water Ordinance 2001" for an indefinite period.

Especially for use in mineral water, SGS Institut Fresenius carried out extensive elution tests in accordance with DIN EN 12902 with ROWAsorb. The tests have shown that no relevant quantities of ”toxic substances" are released to the mineral water in accordance with EU Directive 80/778/EEC of July 15, 1980.

ROWAsorb also complies with DIN EN 15029:2006 on iron (III) hydroxide for use in the treatment of drinking water.

Why ROWAsorb?

Due to the special manufacturing process, all pores in ROWAsorb are completely filled with water. For this reason, a very high adsorption capacity and kinetics are achieved. With ROWAsorb, the filters can therefore be dimensioned smaller, and the operating costs can be minimized.

Application examples

ROWAsorb is used as an adsorbent material for the treatment of mineral water, drinking water, sewage, and surface water. The main field of application is the adsorptive removal of arsenic and antimony. But also, for example: Selenium, molybdenum, and dissolved organic substances can be removed from the water with ROWAsorb.

The adsorption capacity and the dimensioning of adsorber systems are specified by the manufacturer for their application or determined in tests with the raw water.