If you are looking for a solution for industrial water treatment by means of reverse osmosis, WEIL Wasseraufbereitung is your competent partner.


Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis system
  • Permeate capacities from 100 to 30,000 l/h standardized
  • larger services on request
  • with energy-saving low-pressure membranes or with high-retention membranes
  • various options standardized

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Ultrafiltration systems

Ultrafiltration system that can be used to remove particles, high molecular solutes, bacteria and viruses from the water

Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration that can be used to remove particles, high molecular solutes, bacteria and viruses from the water. While the water is forced through the membrane, the particles are retained by the membrane by means of a screening effect.

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Softening systems

The softening systems are generally used to soften iron- and manganese-free drinking water. They remove the hardness formers such as calcium and magnesium ions from the water via ion exchange (cation exchanger).

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Filter system

Filtration system (gravel/sand filters)

Depending on the application, different filter systems are used. The most common ones are:

  • Particle removal
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Deacidification

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Adsorber plants

Adsorber System

Adsorption is understood as the accumulation of substances from gases or liquids on the surface of a solid. In water treatment, trace substances are often removed from the water by attaching to a granular filter material.

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Ultrapure water systems

Pure water is specially treated water that contains almost no foreign substances. In order to produce ultrapure water, the reverse osmosis process is usually combined with mixed bed filters (cation and anion exchangers) or electrodeionization systems.

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Pressure boosting systems

Ready-to-connect double booster system

The pressure boosting systems are used to increase the mains pressure to a constant pressure, e.g. in front of a softening or other water treatment plant. By adjusting the frequency of the standard built-in frequency converter, the pressure boosting systems keep the selected operating pressure constant - even with changing flow requirements.

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Storage containers for the temporary storage of the treated water.

Various types of containers are used as storage containers or for the temporary storage of the treated water. PE-HD is often used as a raw material, which is suitable for both permeate and fully desalinated water.

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