Permeate-stepped systems

The permeate-stepped reverse osmosis systems are two-stage systems that are used for the extensive desalination of softened drinking water. Since high-retention membranes are used and the plant is designed in two stages, high desalination rates of >99% can be achieved.

Our standard range for permeate-graded systems includes frame stand systems with a permeate output between 60 and 1,800 l/h.

The reverse osmosis systems are equipped as standard with:

  • Special prefilter
  • Two stainless steel high-pressure pumps
  • High-performance winding modules
  • Float flowmeter in both stages for permeate and concentrate
  • Pressure gauges for inlet pressure, pump pressure, operating pressure, and concentrate pressure in both stages
  • Permeate conductivity measurements for both stages
  • Automatic flushing solenoid valves

A PLC controller with a 4.3“ touch panel is available for convenient control or automation. The standard equipment of the control system as well as the optional functions correspond to those of the low-pressure systems.

With permeate-stepped reverse osmosis systems, high desalination rates of >99% can be achieved.