Particle removal

Sandfilter 260 m³/h
Sandfilter 260 m³/h

Depending on the application (water quality, volume flow), various techniques are used for particle removal. Here, standardised systems are described in the first place.

For smaller volume flows and/or for pre-filtration before reverse osmosis systems or the like, melt-blown filter cartridges made of PP are generally used.

For larger systems, particle filters are individually designed and manufactured so that they can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the customers.

Volume flows of approximately 0.9 to 4.7 m3/h are used for the removal of suspended solids and other particles from tap or well water sand filter systems. These are GKF pressure vessels, which are filled with a stepped support layer of filter gravel and a filter layer of filter sand and ensure excellent filtrate quality.

The sand filters work fully automatically thanks to a central control valve. The backwashing is triggered when the preset amount of water has been filtered. Hygienic operation can be assured by the adjustable forced flushing.

The double volume flow can be processed by running two sand filter systems in parallel. In this case, the backwashing takes place sequentially with a time delay.