Containerized and mobile water treatment systems

Fresh water production and waste water treatment for remote locations

Enough drinking water free from germs and pollutants is the indispensable foundation for a healthy life and to ensure hygienic standards. Also, for irrigation purposes of agricultural land unpolluted fresh water is needed all over the world.

In the arid zones on the earth the rate of evapoaration is higher than the rate of precipitation. More water is evaporating from the landscape than falls with the rain. To ensure a safe and reliable fresh water supply the water from the available sources has to be treated. Various water sources can be used:

  • groundwater from wells
  • surface water from lakes, rivers or streams
  • brackish water from bays
  • salty water from the sea

Geogenically contaminated groundwater with elevated arsenic or fluoride concentrations from the natural rock can also be used as raw water.
The Weil Wasserbehandlung from Osnabrück in Germany provides container based, multi-stage water treatment plants for the use also in remote areas or for temporarily camps. The mobile water treatment systems can be used to provide fresh water in remote located villages, on islands, in military and refugee camps and much more areas not connected to the public drinking water system.

With a combination of prefiltration, reverse osmosis membranes, post treatment and an optional UV-disinfection unit the water is treated to fresh drinking water. With an optional downstream chlorination unit also storage tanks and the distribution network of water pipes can be disinfected to ensure germ free water all the way to your tap.

Containerized fresh water production and wastewater treatment in one system

The combination of drinking water production system and subsequent wastewater treatment ensures hygienic standards and avoids environmental contamination.

Our compact wastewater treatment systems consist of prefiltration and submerged membrane bioreactors. These enable a very compact design with simultaneous germ-free clear water discharge. The release of pathogenic microorganisms is avoided, which reduces the spread of infectious diseases. The risk of faecal-oral infections is significantly reduced.    

Our mobile water treatment plants are ideally suited to provide drinking water in remote locations and to prevent infection risks from untreated wastewater.

Safe fresh water supply even with high demand

The amount of potable water produced by the containerized systems can be adjusted according to the customer's needs. Furthermore, the systems can be equipped with storage tanks and drinking water reservoirs to meet increased water demand during the day. The long-term purity and sterility of the fresh water is guaranteed by recirculation via UV disinfection and optional dosing of disinfectants.

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