Mixed-bed filters

Mixed-bed filters

According to German regulations, mixed bed filters can be used for direct desalination of tap water.

Drinking water ordinance as well as further desalination according to reverse osmosis systems be used. The mixed bed resin is a mixture of high-quality cation and anion exchange resins. Cations are exchanged for H+ and anions for OH-ions. As a result, the water is completely desalinated. If the capacity of the mixed bed filter is reached and the resin is loaded with cations and anions, regeneration is required.

The mixed bed filters consist of a GRP pressure vessel filled with high-quality mixed bed resin and equipped with an optimised nozzle system for maximum utilisation of the capacity. In addition, a conductivity meter is installed on the pressure vessel in addition to the connection fitting.

The standard delivery programme includes mixed-bed filters with a resin filling between 5 and 50 l (maximum flow rate: 125–1,200 l/h or maximum capacity at 10°dH/300 µS/cm: 600–6,500 l).

Mixed bed filters for larger systems are individually designed and custom-made for the respective requirements.