Iron/Manganese removal

System for removing iron and demanganing

For larger systems for removing iron and demanganing, the filters are individually planned and optimally adapted to the water quality and requirements of the customers. Here, filter containers made of steel or GRP with a nozzle bottom are often used, which are equipped with front piping and electric or pneumatic flaps.

Standardized systems are suitable for small volumes and simple water conditions. Pressure tanks made of corrosion-resistant GRP can be used here, which are filled with a special catalytic filter granulate for removing iron and demanganization. The sand filters work fully automatically thanks to a central control valve. The backwashing is triggered when the preset amount of water has been filtered. Hygienic operation can be assured by the adjustable forced flushing.

The double volume flow can be processed by running two sand filter systems in parallel. In this case, the backwashing takes place sequentially with a time delay.