Storage containers for the temporary storage of the treated water.

Various types of containers are used as storage containers or for the temporary storage of the treated water. PE-HD is often used as a raw material, which is suitable for permeate and fully desalinated water as well as complies with Recommendations III B of the Food Law § 2, paragraph 1 and is classified as "physiologically safe".

The standard delivery program includes:

  • Dosing containers (round containers made of PE, black or natural): 100-500l
  • Rectangular container (PE, square base, blue): 750 and 1,000 l
  • Rectangular container (PE, black): 1,000 - 5,000 l

Optionally, the containers can be equipped with the following accessories, among others.

  • Level switch (diaphragm pressure switch with 1-4 switching points, float switch)
  • Level Sensor/ Level Probe
  • Additional connections / connections
  • Ventilation filters


Larger containers or containers for special applications (hopper containers, containers with agitators or overflow channels, etc.) are individually planned and manufactured according to the requirements of the application or the customer.