Combined systems (with softening)

The combined plants are compact plants with a softening plant for pre-treatment and a reverse osmosis plant for desalination of drinking water.

Combi systems with permeate capacities ranging from 100 to 500 l/h are standard, as are frame-stand systems.

Combi-systems are included in the standard equipment list:

  • a coarse filter candle as a pre-filter
  • a system separator
  • a quantity and/or time-controlled cabinet softening system or double softening system, as well as a reverse osmosis system with a special pre-filter, a high-pressure stainless steel separator slide pump, high-performance winding modules, a flushing solenoid valve, a permeate and concentrate float flow meter, a pressure gauge for inlet pressure, pump pressure, and concentrate pressure, and a convenient automatio

The standard equipment of the control system as well as the optional functions correspond to those of the low-pressure systems.