Back pressure systems

If there is a back pressure in the permeate line, reverse osmosis systems for operation with permeate back pressure (PGD) are used for desalination of softened drinking water. The systems are controlled via a pressure sensor in the permeate, i.e., production is started or stopped when the on or off pressure is set.

Our standard range for PGD systems includes frame-stand systems with a permeate capacity between 75 and 1,200 l/h. They are equipped as standard with:

  • Special prefilter
  • High-pressure stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • High-performance winding modules
  • Diaphragm pressure vessels
  • Check valves and solenoid valves for flushing
  • Permeate line pressure sensor and switch, as well as pressure gauges for inlet pressure, pump pressure, and concentrate pressure.
  • Permeate and concentrate float flowmeters
  • Conductivity measurement in the permeate

The systems have a convenient PLC control.