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Klärung von Industrieabwasser
Anlagentechnik von klein bis groß
Since twenty-five years WEIL Wasseraufbereitung GmbH has dedicated itself to return to the water what threatens to get lost: its purity.
Nothing exists without water. We humans consist of approximately two thirds of water - exactly like most of the plants and animals and the earth altogether! Water – it still fascinates us every day – is a material with no replacement neither in nature nor in the laboratory. Our goal and versatile task is to take the responsibility for this precious material.
Our Company conceives water treatment units, special purifying methods and high-quality filtration technology. We decided to use our know-how also for the final consumer and have therefore developed the trademark ROWA.
To be able to enjoy good water in a quality, as if it would come directly from the source, keeps finding more and more fans. Enjoying pure water does not only keep you fit, but it also makes beautiful. Besides that pure water consumption is also the healthiest treat that ever exists. To your health!
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With the trademark ROWA, which was previously an independent company, you will get the industrial know-how for aquaristics, hobby, zoo, etc. In the field of aquaristics ROWA has been leading internationally in the pet (zoo) specialized trade. Many large pet (zoo) specialist dealers and large aquariums trust us, where high requirements are set to good water quality or where special water treatment problems have to be mastered.

Furthermore ROWA products are also indispensable with water and art objects. Both for room objects and for large exterior installations a treatment of the water is inevitable, in order to maintain their attraction and beauty.Your hobby is our passion!
Here you can find all products of ROWA, which are used for aquaristics. Do it like the professionals, trust ROWA!

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