Abwasserklärung Anlagentechnik Beispiel: Entsalzung Beispiel: Reinwasser für Lebensmittelproduktion Beispiel Umkehrosmoseanlage Beispiel: Trinkwasser
Waste water processing
Simply fulfilling minimum requirements is never enough for us. We regard it as a particular challenge to do more than is required by law.
We want to help our customers to reduce costs in the process and protect our environment because we feel it is our duty.
Whenever waste water and the ingredients found in the water need to be reused or recycled then we participate enthusiastically in this process.
We place great importance on conserving resources and the environment.
Exclusively fulfilling discharge regulations is not enough for us.
Instead of simply disposing of valuable ingredients, we reclaim them back from the water.
We would rather treat process water than let it simply flow into the sewerage system.