Abwasserklärung Anlagentechnik Beispiel: Entsalzung Beispiel: Reinwasser für Lebensmittelproduktion Beispiel Umkehrosmoseanlage Beispiel: Trinkwasser
The Weil Wasseraufbereitung GmbH . . .
. . . develops, plans and assembles custom plants for the production of drinking water, pure and ultrapure water as well as the waste water processing.
Klärung von Industrieabwasser
Anlagentechnik von klein bis groß


Plant construction and planning services, as well as product and process development, across all aspects of water purifi cation “is our thing”. We possess comprehensive experience and hold first-class references since 1986.
Built close to the water
We have everything that we need in Osnabrück to ensure that our enthusiasm for pure water is known
far beyond state boundaries: a laboratory, assembly hall, stainless steel processing, electrical workshop and small batch production.
We develop our high quality products for individual water treatments here on the banks of the Hase river that are internationally known under the brand name ROWA®.
When it comes to treating water then WEIL is your expert partner